A Fresh Start As Art

If your house is anything like mine at some point something has been broken. I can’t tell you how many times it has happened around here. My first reaction is always “OH NO”! You can turn that in to an “Oh Wow” with a little bit of time and creativity. I have been a fan of mosaics for a long time now and I am going to start doing some creative projects after the new year has begun. I am also a true believer in up-cycling and saving things from the landfill if possible. I have gathered some pictures from Pinterest on some of the many ways you can turn your broken dishes, glass, ceramics and pottery in to  works of art. To be quite honest some of these ideas made me want to go and break something but there is no need for that! You can buy the pieces online if you don’t have enough and picking up mismatched plates at thrift stores and flea markets are a great idea as well. I have a ton of ideas flowing through my head on what I can make and maybe you will too after getting some inspiration.










I hope you have found some ideas that you could see in your home. I am getting excited about doing this I really love hands on projects. I found this great video on how to cut tiles from Mosaic Artist Karen Silton. I hope you enjoy!



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