A Snow Day in The South

Here in North Carolina a snow day is a nice event. It doesn’t happen that often and when it does a flurry of excitement abounds. Of course not all people get excited over it but they are grumps! I for one love the snow. I guess it is just like with most things too much of something can be just too much. I don’t take it for granted because it is so rare and my whole philosophy is if it is going to be cold and miserable nature might as well give me something pretty to look at. All the things you have probably heard about the southerners and snow are probably true. No we can’t drive in it and I for one don’t care to! I just wanted to share a little of my snow joy with you with a few pictures my husband and I have taken around our little town in rural ,eastern North Carolina of the two snow days we have had so far this winter.








From Our House to Yours

From Our House to Yours





I of course am hoping for more snow since we still have some more winter days to go! As always thanks for reading and many blessings to you and yours!